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We should follow… the example of the bees, who flit about and cull the flowers that are suitable for producing honey, and then arrange and assort in their cells all that they have brought in… The materials which the bees have culled from the most delicate of blooming and flowering plants is transformed into this peculiar substance by a process of preserving and careful storing away, aided by what might be called fermentation, — whereby separate elements are united into one substance.




Blaze Brand Media is driven by our creative vision to bring ideas to life. With expertise in writing, film production, and music, we are your one-stop Creative Agency.  Our casual and innovative approach influences every project we undertake. Since our establishment we have been dedicated to helping people and  brands shine in the spotlight. We understand the importance of finding your unique creative voice and guide you through the ever-changing business landscape. Let us create a personalized roadmap to success for you.


Ignite your creative spark and come generate unique, innovative ideas with us. Our creative development services are designed for the stress free process of free thinking.

 From concept to execution, we're there every step of the way, to manifest your vision.


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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

With over a hundred years in Hollywood and entertainment. This group is uniquely qualified with a vast history of working with legends from James Cameron, Robert Evans, Scott Storch and lil Durk. Performing at the highest levels, with masterful understanding of the creative process and finale product. A firm track record with experience at Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures NBC and WRKSHP to call upon, Blaze Brands creative team can manifest any concept to any medium.

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