BUD Touch E Cigarette
E-cigarett Diameter 9.6mm

Each Cartomizer 

supplies aprox 300 Puffs
Content dpnt

E-cigarette battery 280mAh
Electric Working

Voltage 3.3~4.2V 3PCS
usb charger 



 BLAZE BRAND reveals the essence of the canabanoid, by carefully analyzing and extracting individual components, using supercritical Co2 extraction. The extraction solvent never penetrates the extract and is completely safe for daily usage. We manage our raw material and our extract in order to maintain the accountability, quality and safety of the final product. Everything used in the extraction of this product is considered safe by the FDA. Excluding the THC and canabanoids. This process leads to the construction of a Certificate of Analysis that states the exact components and make up of your product. Here at BLAZE BRAND we perform a full range of testing, using only certified instruments, to provide you with a complete set of data about the details and cleanliness.